I love to explore new places, ideas and technology. When I'm not working, I'm usually tinkering on projects, checking out new frameworks or languages, or out exploring somewhere I haven't been before.


I make a lot of stuff, although much of it is experimental and doesn't end up on github. I'm working to address this :) I have grand plans for some of my stuff, though, so I'm keeping some things close to my chest.


I have a deep interest in programmable systems, beyond just playing with the latest cool language. I need to know how things work. I'm interested in semantics, design trade-offs and implementation details.

Beaver's Tail

It's an online ordering thing

This was a small contract job that turned into a large, ongoing contract with hosting and support on the side.

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Beaver's Tail

Indie Game Toolkit

My current project

I stongly believe in bending technology to suit people, not the other way around. This project aims to make some headway in that direction.

Artwork shown is borrowed from the indie game Freedom Fall created by Lisa Rye.


Pixel Anarchy

A wall of pixels for Internet graffiti

Made one weekend at camp.js, subsequently inflicted upon an unsuspecting internet.

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Starfall AE

Prototype for a WebGL space game

This project started one Christmas and never went beyond an early prototype. Use WASD to fly, left/right mouse button to turn.

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Lost in Space

Belle of Nine Fables

That time I made a game in 7 days

My PyWeek entry. It was too big for a solo project, playable but unfinished. Written in Python with Pyglet. Port to WebGL in progress. Use WASD to move, Space to jump.

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Nine Fables Game

Firefly Engine

A multi-user dungeon

In the era of MUDs, frustration with LPC compelled me to make a server that worked a bit differently.

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Telnet: raffe.io 7000

Firefly MUD

My Resume

“Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair.”

I'm a polyglot developer with oodles of experience in programming languages, platforms, tools and technologies. Interested in language design, concurrency, declarative things, pure functions, data-driven systems, low-level programming, UX design, psychology, the price of tea, distributed computing, game design, 2D and 3D game engine design, optimisation, trying new approaches.

Current specialties: Node.js, Go, TypeScript, HTML5, Lua, C, Python.

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My Resume